Fox Sports Training Elite Athlete Peak Training Phase 1

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Athletic Training

“You must crawl before you walk, walk before you run. Everyone wants to jump right into the more advanced activities but few want to put the time and effort in on the little boring things. Everyone wants to hit the driver but few can make a 3- foot putt! Everyone wants to shoot the 3, but not many can consistently make a lay up. Master the basics before moving on to the more advanced fundamentals.” John L. Fox MPT,CSCS

Week 1 

During week 1 it is time to cleanse your body and purge toxins from your system. Avoid all drugs and alcohol- total sobriety! 

*Drink herbal or laxative tea every night before bed 

*Drink 8oz glass water with ½ teaspoon salt every am for 1 week. 

Do’s- Eat whole foods, ie… eat an orange vs orange juice and baked potato vs fries, eat lots of mixed nuts, trail mix, fiber, proteins, antioxidants, probiotics, and drink at least 64 oz water daily. 

Don’ts- No smoking, no refined sugar, limit bread products, limit starches, limit butter/mayo etc… 

Wake: 6:00 am, smoothie- protein, açaí, berries/banana, almond butter, honey, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, chia seeds 

Workout 7-9:00 am, breakfast ideas… steel cut oatmeal, vanilla, honey, almond butter, cinnamon. Avocado toast, Egg white omlette, açaí bowl 

Week 2-6 

Continue with healthy diet plan. **See Fox Sports Training post-op/phase1 boot camp nutrition. 


 ROM- achieve full and EQUAL flexibility and range of motion to all joints… make sure right is equal to left etc… stretching, yoga, functional movements 

 Dynamic Stabilization- balance equal bilaterally, enhance to perfection! This is essential for neuromuscular recruitment (after injury or lay offs we lose recruitment to muscle fibers… for example… if you have 1,000 muscle fibers in your quad, after an injury or significant time off exercise, you may only have 500 of those fibers actively firing. If you return to strength and activity without doing thorough neuromuscular recruitment/isometric/balance exercises and activities, you may be able to get the job done but…. there will be an imbalance and you will be limited with strength gains. This

is a formula for injury and you will not be as efficient in your movements. Therefore you will not be able to maximize training gains. 

 Core Recruitment and strength- posture awareness, type I vs type II muscle recruitment. Obtaining and maintaining neutral posture through all movement is crucial. Nearly all back injuries are a result of the athletes inability to maintain neutral posture during rigorous activity due to core and lower back weakness. 

 Gradual Progression- over these 6 weeks we will be very gradual with progression of exercise as to reduce risk for joint stresses and allow optimal neuromuscular recruitment. It is important to use this concept with strength training. Start with light weight and lots of reps and gradually increase weight and decrease reps. 

 Testing- we will test flexibility, balance and stability before and after Phase I Boot Camp and use data to establish base for beginning Phase II Elite Sports Performance Enhancement. 

*Scientific studies show that optimal neuromuscular recruitment and joint dynamic stability occurs after 6-weeks of thorough training. 

*It is vital that athletes perform this recovery phase prior to beginning high level strength and conditioning. It’s the boring little things that will set an athlete apart and establish injury prevention.